Army Medical College Jashore for International Students

Army Medical College Jashore for International Admissions with Fortune Education

Army Medical College Jashore for International Students

Army Medical College Jashore,  Army Medical Colleges in Bangladesh: Unleashing Excellence in Medical Education Bangladesh boasts a number of Army Medical Colleges, known for their discipline, top-notch infrastructure, and quality education. Two standout institutions in this cadre are Army Medical College Jashore, and Army Medical College Bogura. Let’s explore why these institutions are considered some of the best medical colleges in Bangladesh.
Why Army Medical College is Best for study MBBS and their facilities. Army Medical College: A Premier Destination for MBBS in Bangladesh Renowned for its disciplined academic structure, high-quality education, and state-of-the-art facilities, Army Medical College stands out as a leading institution for pursuing an MBBS in Bangladesh. An institution with a difference, Army Medical College takes pride in molding its students into competent, ethical, and compassionate doctors ready to serve the global community. Exceptional Academic Structure
Army Medical College, academic excellence is a tradition. The college’s comprehensive MBBS program is designed in line with international standards, ensuring students receive a holistic medical education. The experienced faculty at the college are not just teachers but mentors, offering guidance to students both in and outside the classroom.

Unlock World-Class Medical Education: International Admissions at Army Medical College Jashore with Fortune Education


Positioned as a beacon of medical academia in Bangladesh, Army Medical College Jashore (AMCJ) offers a dynamic learning environment for both local and international students. If you’re an international student aiming for an MBBS in Bangladesh, AMCJ, in collaboration with Fortune Education, presents a seamless, enriching, and accessible journey to achieving that goal.

Why Choose AMCJ for your MBBS?

  • Top-tier Affiliation: As an esteemed institution under the Bangladesh University of Professionals, AMCJ promises a curriculum and educational experience that stands tall on the global stage.
  • Cutting-edge Infrastructure: Dive into academics with our state-of-the-art classrooms, labs, and training facilities that simulate real-world medical scenarios.
  • Holistic Development: Beyond the books, AMCJ promotes an inclusive environment that focuses on character building, leadership, and cultural understanding.

Fortune Education: Your Bridge to AMCJ

  • Hassle-free Application Process: Partnering with Fortune Education ensures a smooth transition from your home country to AMCJ, guiding you through every application step.
  • Affordable Education Made Easier: Worried about expenses? AMCJ, through Fortune Education, offers an easy installment payment system for its comprehensive MBBS program, making top-tier education more accessible.
  • Integrated Support System: From visa assistance to accommodation and local integration, Fortune Education’s comprehensive support ensures that international students feel at home from day one.

Army Medical College Jashore


Army Medical College Jashore for International Students

Beyond its reputable academic offerings, Army Medical College Jashore provides an environment that fosters holistic development. Students are not just imbibed with medical knowledge, but also values of discipline, integrity, and dedication – hallmark traits of an institution with an army heritage.

Tailored for International Students

Understanding the challenges that international students may face, the institution, in collaboration with Fortune Education, ensures a smooth transition for these students into the college environment. From the application process to settling in, every step is streamlined to offer a memorable experience.

Value for Money

The comprehensive fee structure is designed to give students the best facilities without burning a hole in their pockets. With a clear breakdown of costs and the convenience of installments, families can plan their finances better, ensuring their wards receive a top-notch education without financial strain.

Campus Life:

Living on-campus is a unique experience at Army Medical College. The twin-sharing AC rooms are designed for comfort, fostering both study and relaxation. The diverse food menu caters to varied tastes, ensuring students feel right at home. Furthermore, the educational excursions and recreational activities are tailored to ensure a balance between rigorous academic pursuits and leisure, promoting an all-rounded growth.

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More than Just an Education

AMCJ, students benefit from:

Cultural Exchange: Meet and interact with students from diverse backgrounds, enriching your perspective and understanding.

  • Campus Life: Experience a vibrant campus life with recreational activities, sports, events, and educational excursions.
  • Networking: Engage with alumni, renowned medical professionals, and peers, creating lasting bonds and career opportunities.

Begin Your Medical Journey with Us

Embark on an unparalleled medical education adventure in Bangladesh with Army Medical College Jashore. With Fortune Education as your trusted partner, the journey becomes as rewarding as the destination. Dive into the future of medical academia.

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Fee Structure and Unique Offerings: Both Army Medical College Bogura and Jashore pride themselves on their affordable fee structures. They provide the flexibility of paying fees over five years in easy installments. The fee encompasses: Tuition for 5 years On-campus twin-sharing accommodations with air-conditioning Comprehensive meals Laundry services Required uniforms Educational excursions Recreational activities, games, and transportation facilities. For hassle-free and direct MBBS admissions, please visit:

MBBS Admission in Bangladesh

At Army Medical College, both in Bogura and Jashore, we believe that a world-class medical education should be both exceptional and accessible. Our transparent fee structure reflects our commitment to providing outstanding value, without compromising on quality.

Highlights of Our Fee Structure:

  • Spread Your Payments: Ease your financial planning with our structured installment system. Spread out your payments over a convenient five-year period.
  • Complete Tuition Coverage: Our fees encompass a comprehensive five-year tuition, ensuring no hidden or additional costs.

Exceptional Campus Amenities Included:

  1. Comfortable Living: Experience a harmonious blend of study and relaxation with our air-conditioned, twin-sharing accommodations right on campus.
  2. Nutritious Meals: Enjoy a diverse menu that caters to varied tastes, ensuring you’re energized and focused throughout your academic journey.
  3. Daily Conveniences: From uniforms to laundry services, we ensure that every need is taken care of, allowing students to concentrate fully on their studies.
  4. Beyond the Classroom: Our fees aren’t just about academics. Participate in enriching educational excursions and engage in a variety of recreational activities and games to ensure a holistic development. Plus, our transportation facilities make commuting a breeze.

Embarking on Your Medical Journey:

With our commitment to affordability and excellence, the path to a medical degree is smoother and more accessible. Trust in Army Medical College in both Bogura and Jashore to provide an enriching academic environment that sets the foundation for a bright future in the medical field.

Fortune Education

For a straightforward admission process into our MBBS program, and to learn more about what we offer, we invite you to visit

Fortune Education: Your Trusted Pathway to Army Medical Colleges in Bangladesh


Navigating the world of medical education can be intricate. Enter Fortune Education – your official and authorized consultant for Army Medical Colleges in Bangladesh. With our expertise and deep-rooted ties with Army Medical Colleges, we ensure your journey into the realms of medical academia is seamless and fulfilling.


Why Choose Fortune Education?

  • Official Authorization: We take pride in our exclusive status as the authorized consultant for Army Medical Colleges. With this privileged position, we offer authentic and firsthand information, ensuring you’re always in the loop.
  • End-to-End Guidance: From understanding the application process to getting insights into life at Army Medical Colleges, we’re your comprehensive guide.
  • Experience & Expertise: With years of experience, our team understands the nuances of securing admission at prestigious institutions like Army Medical Colleges in Bangladesh.

Our Services

  1. Admission Assistance: Demystify the admission process with our step-by-step guidance tailored to maximize your chances of securing a seat.
  2. Documentation Support: Avoid the complexities of paperwork with our dedicated team ensuring you meet all prerequisites for admission.
  3. Preparation Resources: Leverage our curated resources and preparatory materials, ensuring you’re well-prepared for any entrance examinations or interviews.
  4. Orientation and Integration: As you embark on this new academic chapter, our orientation sessions provide insights into the culture, academics, and opportunities awaiting you.

Benefits of Collaborating with Fortune Education

  • Authentic Information: Say goodbye to third-party sources or hearsay. Receive accurate and up-to-date information directly from the corridors of Army Medical Colleges.
  • Time & Cost Efficient: Streamline your admission process, avoid common pitfalls, and save both time and resources by leveraging our expertise.
  • Personalized Counselling: Each aspiring medical student is unique. Our personalized counselling sessions ensure your concerns are addressed and your goals aligned.

Your Future in Medicine Starts Here

With Fortune Education by your side, the path to an MBBS at Army Medical Colleges becomes clearer, simpler, and more accessible. Let us be the catalyst in your journey towards medical excellence in Bangladesh.

Dream of wearing the white coat? Start your journey with Fortune Education today.

MBBS Admission in Bangladesh for International students

MBBS Admission in Bangladesh for International Students: A Comprehensive Guide


Bangladesh has rapidly emerged as a preferred destination for medical education, particularly for its MBBS program. With globally recognized curricula, affordable tuition fees, and a culturally rich environment, the country beckons international students seeking quality education. Here’s a detailed guide on pursuing MBBS in Bangladesh as an international student.

Eligibility Criteria

  1. Academic Qualifications: Typically, students should have completed their 10+2 or equivalent with Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. A minimum aggregate score, often around 60%, is required, but this can vary between institutions.
  2. Proficiency in English: As courses are primarily taught in English, proficiency in the language is essential. Some colleges might require English proficiency test scores.
  3. Medical Fitness: A medical fitness certificate might be required, ensuring students are fit to pursue the rigorous curriculum.

Application Process

  1. Research Institutions: Begin by researching recognized medical colleges in Bangladesh, considering factors like curriculum, faculty, infrastructure, and reviews from past students.
  2. Documentation: Gather necessary documents, which may include academic transcripts, letters of recommendation, statement of purpose, passport copies, and medical certificates.
  3. Application Submission: Apply directly to the chosen colleges or through authorized consultants. Ensure you adhere to deadlines.
  4. Entrance Exams: Some colleges might conduct entrance examinations for international students. It’s crucial to prepare adequately for these.
  5. Admission Confirmation: Once accepted, you’ll receive an admission letter, following which you can proceed with visa applications and other logistics.

MBBS in Bangladesh

Benefits of Studying MBBS in Bangladesh

  1. Globally Recognized Degree: Bangladesh’s MBBS program is recognized by major global bodies such as the WHO, MCI, and more.
  2. Cost-effective: Compared to many western countries, the tuition fees and living expenses in Bangladesh are relatively affordable.
  3. Quality Education: The country offers a curriculum on par with global standards, coupled with hands-on clinical practice.
  4. Cultural Experience: Studying in Bangladesh offers a unique cultural immersion, enriching the overall educational experience.

Post-Admission Steps

  1. Student Visa Application: With the admission letter, students can apply for a student visa at the Bangladesh embassy in their country.
  2. Accommodation: Many colleges offer hostel facilities. Alternatively, students can look for private accommodations.
  3. Orientation: Many institutions offer orientation programs to familiarize international students with the campus, culture, and academic expectations.


Pursuing an MBBS in Bangladesh offers international students a combination of quality education, practical exposure, and cultural experiences. With the right preparation and guidance, embarking on this academic journey can be a transformative experience.

If considering this path, it’s always beneficial to connect with current students or alumni and perhaps visit the institutions or consult experts to ensure the decision aligns with one’s academic and personal aspirations.

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