Central Medical College

Central Medical College

Central Medical College – CeMec, established to respond to global changes happening in Medical education and Technology and bring positive changes in the present deteriorating health care delivery system. The ultimate goal is to make our population a healthy and productive force. A good number of brilliant and promising students fail to get a chance in medical colleges due to limitation of seats in Govt Medical Colleges. This institute will help those students to avail this opportunity.

This program will give a good profile of students in the technical field by providing opportunities for better performance in Medical Education in separate cells in each Department with good facilities for Medical graduates who can give more time in this field.

In this college the students are valued and we will assist, support and advise every student with proper counseling, guidance to solve their academic problems. All efforts are being made to attract the students to their places for learning and modern teaching methods will be extensively used by the teachers for imparting lessons.

It is our first effort. In future more efforts will be made to enrich the different wings of the health sector, when the institute will be developed for this purpose.

We heartily thank the Ministry of Health & Family welfare for giving our Central Medical College Final approval to commence academic activities from the session 2004-2005. We pray to Allah, the almighty for its success.

Central Medical College & Hospital (Pvt.) Ltd. has been established, so that the young students will learn Medical science to:

  • 1) Acquire knowledge & skill to solve common health problems, handle emergency medicine & casualties and manage public health medicine in general Practice with emphasis on physical, psychological and environmental & moral factors involving the patient himself and his community.
  • 2) Improve the system of medical education and health care delivery with the present day concept of community oriented medical education and training which will have relevance to the needs of the country. It is intended to bridge the gap between the need and resources for the development of health education, maternal and child welfare and others in its health programs.
  • 3) Be able to work with others in a team for community development.
  • 4) Agree to pursue further training and education in order to acquire new skills and to keep abreast of the new developments in medicine.

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Facilities available in the College:

  • 1. Experienced & Caring Faculty with nationally reputed teaching staff.
  • 2. Separate hostels with attached baths for boys & girls with adequate security.
  • 3. Excellent learning facilities – Modern classrooms, Labs, Library, Lecture Halls with audio-visual facilities.
  • 4. The whole library is under the free WIFI Internet Network. It is registered with the Health InterNetwork Access to Research initiative through WHO due to which teachers & students of EMC have free access to more than 6600 latest Medical Journals of the world.
  • 5. Every EMC student has a specific ID & Password through which their guardian can log into the EMC website (Student’s Profile) to know the academic details, performance & other information about their child.
  • 6. Separate Common rooms for male & female students with television, indoor games and entertainment.
  • 7. Facilities for outdoor games and tournaments.
  • 8. A good canteen for students as well as for teachers.
  • 9. Modern transport fleet for easy commuting of students.
  • 10. Round the clock standby Generator.

Army Medical College Cumilla

Army Medical College Cumilla



Discover Your Path to Excellence at Army Medical College Cumilla

Welcome to Army Medical College Cumilla, a premier institution where aspiring medical professionals are sculpted into leaders of healthcare. Nestled in the vibrant city of Cumilla, Bangladesh, our college represents a unique amalgamation of rigorous academic training and disciplined military life, offering an unparalleled educational journey.

A Legacy of Excellence

At Army Medical College Cumilla, we are proud to carry forward a legacy of excellence in medical education, underpinned by the values of the Bangladesh Armed Forces. Our mission is to cultivate not just skilled medical practitioners but well-rounded individuals prepared to serve both the nation and humanity at large.

Why Choose Army Medical College Cumilla?

  • Holistic Education: Our curriculum is meticulously designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of medical science, integrating theoretical knowledge with practical skills. It is our belief that a great doctor must not only have expertise in medical sciences but also embody compassion, ethics, and a commitment to lifelong learning.
  • State-of-the-Art Facilities: From modern classrooms to advanced laboratories and a well-stocked library, our campus is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities to support our students’ learning journey. Our attached teaching hospital offers a wide array of clinical experiences, ensuring our students are well-prepared for the challenges of the medical profession.
  • Disciplined Environment: The disciplined environment of our college fosters time management, leadership, and teamwork skills. This unique aspect of our training ensures that our graduates stand out for their professionalism and ability to perform under pressure.
  • Dedicated Faculty: Our faculty comprises distinguished professionals who are not only experts in their fields but also passionate educators committed to nurturing the next generation of medical leaders.
  • Research and Innovation: We encourage our students to engage in research and innovation, providing them with opportunities to contribute to medical science and healthcare improvements. Our research initiatives aim to address the health challenges of Bangladesh and beyond.
  • Community Engagement: Through various outreach programs and community service initiatives, our students gain firsthand experience in public health, enhancing their understanding of the social determinants of health and the importance of community well-being.
  • Career Opportunities: Graduates from Army Medical College Cumilla have a wide array of career paths open to them, including opportunities within the military healthcare system, public health, and civilian medical practices. Our alumni network is a testament to the diverse and impactful careers our former students have embarked upon.

Joining Army Medical College Cumilla

Admission to Army Medical College Cumilla is highly competitive, seeking candidates who exhibit academic excellence, leadership potential, and a genuine desire to serve. Our selection process is designed to identify individuals who are not only academically gifted but also embody the values and discipline characteristic of our institution.

Supporting Your Journey

We understand that pursuing a medical degree is a significant commitment. That’s why we offer a range of support services to assist our students throughout their educational journey. From financial aid and scholarships to mental health and wellness resources, our support system is designed to ensure that every student can achieve their full potential.

A Vibrant Student Life

Life at Army Medical College Cumilla is not just about academics. Our vibrant campus life offers a myriad of extracurricular activities, clubs, and sports, allowing students to pursue their interests, develop new skills, and forge lifelong friendships. Our community is a melting pot of cultures and ideas, providing a rich and inclusive experience for all.

Embark on Your Medical Career with Us

Choosing Army Medical College Cumilla means choosing a path of excellence, discipline, and service. Here, you will not just earn a degree; you will embark on a transformative journey that will equip you with the knowledge, skills, and values to make a difference in the world.

We invite you to explore all that Army Medical College Cumilla has to offer. Join us, and take the first step towards a rewarding and distinguished career in medicine. Your future in healthcare starts here, at Army Medical College Cumilla.

Fortune Education

Fortune Education, Dhaka, Bangladesh is World Leading & Pioneer Education Consultant of Medical colleges & universities. Providing MBBS, BDS, BVSc admission for medical aspirants & prospective students who are interested to study MBBS, BDS, BVSc and considering higher study opportunities in Bangladesh and overseas.

Fortune Education has legal rights to process admission to Medical, Dental colleges and universities all over the world. We offer MBBS, BDS & others Admission, Application, Guidance, Documentation, and required services such as to eligible students regarding medical and higher studies…

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Eligible Candidate

Documents to be submitted by the eligible candidate

For admission into 1st year MBBS course the local / foreign students need to apply in prescribed form which should be submitted along with the following documents:

  • Attested photocopy of SSC & HSC / Equivalent Exam. Certificate / Testimonial .
  • Attested photocopy of SSC & HSC / Equivalent Exam. Mark Sheets / Academic Transcript.
  • 3 (Three) copies of recent passport size attested photographs.At the time of admission all the original documents will be retained by the college until completion of the course.
  • Information regarding admission fees & other matters including Hostel accommodation fees for respective sessions will be available in the college website (www.cemecbd.com) & college office.

Students’ Guide


Located at Paduar Bazar Bishwa Road, comilla. Bangladesh Established in the year 2004-2005 and offered a Degree of Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery (MBBS) under the University of Chittagong.

  • CURRICULUMS: Curriculum adopted by the Faculty of Medicine. University of Chittagong, Approved by the Bangladesh Medical and Dental Council (BMDC).
  • CLASS: Class begins at 8.00 A.M. morning and continues up to 3.00 P.M on all working days.
  • ADMISSION PROFILE: According to the rules of Government.
  1. A) Selection of students will be made strictly on the basis of an admission test which will be announced by the Government in due time.
    B) All applications for selection must be submitted in the prescribed form obtainable from the office of the principal, Central Medical College Hospital (Pvt.) Ltd.
    C) The prescribed application form duly filled in and must reach the office along with the acknowledgement slip for the non-refundable registration fee of Tk. 1.000.00 (One thousand Taka ) only.
    D) Application form submitted without receipt of registration fee will not be considered.
    E) Completed application in prescribed form is to be submitted to the office of the principal, Central Medical College & Hospital (Pvt.) Ltd. as per prescribed time schedule.
    F) Attested photocopy of the following documents must be accompanied with the application form:
    1) S.S.C or equivalent Examination Certificate.
    2) Testimonial of passing H.S.C Examination or equivalent from the principal of the College from which she/he passed the H.S.C Examination or equivalent.
    3) S.S.C and H.S.C or equivalent Marks- sheets.
    4) Certificate of Character from a class one Gazetted Officer.
    5) Nationality Certificate form the appropriate authority.
    6) 3 (three) copies of recent passports and 2 (two) stamp size photographs.
    G) The list of selected candidates, date of Medical check up, Payment of fees etc. will be available on the college notice board.


Foreign students should have minimum GPA 7.00 together in S.S.C/O level & HSC/A level (Separately minimum GPA 3.00 in each). Students with “O” & “A” level must provide attested photocopy of the Equivalence Certificate issued from the Office of the Director General of Health Services, Mohakhali, Dhaka, Bangladesh as a necessary document of their eligibility.


Foreign students should apply in the month of September – December. Those interested to apply for admission should at first get their S.S.C/O level, H.S.C/A level or equivalent certificates & mark sheets attested by the Ministry of Education as well as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of their own country. After that they should apply through the Embassy of Bangladesh in their country providing above mentioned attested documents.

The Office of Director General of Health Services (DGHS), Dhaka, Bangladesh will then issue an Equivalence Certificate which can be collected either through the Bangladesh Mission in their country or directly from the Office of DGHS.


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For admission into 1st year MBBS course foreign students need to apply in prescribed form along with the following documents:

  • 1. Attested photocopy of SSC & HSC / Equivalent Exam Certificate / Testimonial.
  • 2. Attested photocopy of SSC & HSC / Equivalent Exam Mark Sheets / Academic Transcript.
  • 3. Attested photocopy of Equivalence Certificate issued by DGHS, Dhaka, Bangladesh (for students with “O” & “A” level).
  • 4. 3 (three) copies of recent passport size attested photographs.
  • 5. Photocopy of Passport.
  • 6. At the time of admission all original documents will be retained by the college until completion of the course.
  • 7. 1st year MBBS class usually starts from the first week of January or as decided by the Government each year.

After obtaining an MBBS degree from any Medical College in Bangladesh, students from INDIA are required to appear in the FMGE test, conducted by the Medical Council of India. MBBS degree obtained from Central Medical College is recognized by NMC.

(Online /Direct Admission & Seat Confirmation)


MOBILE & WHATSAPP: +88-01995529533

Brahmanbaria Medical College

Brahmanbaria Medical College, located in the Brahmanbaria district of Bangladesh, is one of the newer additions to the country’s growing list of private medical colleges. This institution aims to contribute significantly to the healthcare sector by providing quality medical education and producing competent healthcare professionals. While specific details about the college might vary, generally, medical colleges like Brahmanbaria Medical College are established with the goal of enhancing the medical education landscape and addressing the healthcare needs of the surrounding communities.

Vision and Mission

The vision of Brahmanbaria Medical College is likely centered around becoming a leading institution in medical education, research, and patient care. Its mission might include offering an inclusive, research-oriented, and innovative educational environment that prepares students to become compassionate, competent, and ethical medical professionals committed to lifelong learning and service to the community.

Academic Program

Brahmanbaria Medical College likely offers a Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) program, which is the standard undergraduate medical degree in Bangladesh. The program typically spans five years, followed by a one-year internship, which is mandatory for all graduates. The curriculum is designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of medical sciences, integrating theoretical knowledge with practical clinical training from the early years of study.

Facilities and Infrastructure

To support its academic programs, Brahmanbaria Medical College would be equipped with modern facilities and infrastructure, including:

  • Classrooms and Lecture Halls: Spacious and well-equipped classrooms and lecture halls that facilitate effective learning.
  • Laboratories: State-of-the-art laboratories for anatomy, biochemistry, physiology, and other medical sciences that allow students to gain hands-on experience.
  • Library: A well-stocked library with a wide range of medical textbooks, journals, and electronic resources to support students’ learning and research needs.
  • Hospital: An attached teaching hospital that provides clinical training opportunities for students, enabling them to gain practical experience in patient care, surgery, and various medical specialties.

Clinical Training

Clinical training is a crucial part of the MBBS program, and students at Brahmanbaria Medical College would gain their clinical experience at the attached teaching hospital. This hands-on training is essential for developing practical skills, understanding patient care, and learning to work in a healthcare team.

Admission Process

Admission to the MBBS program at Brahmanbaria Medical College is competitive and is usually based on the candidate’s performance in the medical college admission test conducted by the Directorate General of Health Services (DGHS) Bangladesh. Prospective students must meet the eligibility criteria set by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Bangladesh.

Community Engagement

Medical colleges like Brahmanbaria Medical College often engage with their local communities through health camps, awareness programs, and free clinics. These activities not only provide students with additional learning opportunities but also help address the healthcare needs of the community.

Why Choose Brahmanbaria Medical College?

Choosing Brahmanbaria Medical College for medical education could be advantageous for students looking for a supportive learning environment, modern facilities, and opportunities for hands-on clinical training. Additionally, being part of a medical college that actively engages with its community can enrich the educational experience by providing real-world learning opportunities outside the classroom.

Prospective students and their families are encouraged to visit the college, explore its facilities, and meet with faculty and current students to get a better sense of what Brahmanbaria Medical College has to offer.