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About AD-DIN Womens Medical College

AD-DIN Womens Medical College is a part of the Ad-din Foundation. Ad-din Foundation is known across Bangladesh for a various social cause which includes serving the unprivileged society of Bangladesh. AD-DIN Womens Medical College is one of the best colleges in Bangladesh that promotes women education. For several years the college has been providing medical training to the women of Bangladesh and other countries to help them achieve their goals of becoming medical professionals. Located in the most important city of the country called Dhaka this college has the vision to promote women education across the world. AD-DIN Womens Medical College is known for its high standard of education and advanced infrastructure. When it comes to MBBS study in Bangladesh this is one college that tops the list.

Key Features of the College

The key features of the college are as follows:

  1. This college is aimed at providing the best of medical education to the underprivileged women across the country and the other parts of the world and this is the reason why the fee structure of the college is very much affordable.
  2. As this college is part of an esteemed organization, the college associates itself with some of the best faculties and renowned medical professionals.
  3. The college has all the amenities and facilities available which includes laboratory, lecture hall, prayer room, hostel and cafeteria

Faculties and Departments

The faculty of the college includes some of the renowned doctors, medical professionals and professors alongside having a range of department that helps in providing a comprehensive study system covering every aspect of medical science.

World Ranking

This college is listed among some of the best colleges in the world. This college is counted among the best 20,000 colleges of the world which states the prestigious position of the college.

Country Ranking

This college is counted among the top 100 colleges in Bangladesh. Bangladesh has a huge number of college and the top 100 colleges are considered to be the best of the colleges in the country.

Overview of Ad-Din Womens Medical College

  1. The college is situated within the premise of one of the best hospitals in Bangladesh which are known as the Ad-Din Medical College hospital
  2. The primary mission of the college is to render world-class education to the female students of Bangladesh and promote female education in the country
  3. The vision of the college is to encourage quality physician who will have all the skills and the knowledge to serve the nation and the world
  4. The college offers all the modern amenities that are needed for a student to succeed in the field of medicine.

Indian Students

  1. Completing MBBS in Bangladesh for the Indian students is one of the best choices.
  2. The country selected to complete MBBS education needs to be suitable for the student.
  3. If the student can easily adapt to the environment, culture and values of the new country than it gets easy for the student to have a better focus on studies rather than worrying about other matters.
  4. Bangladesh being at proximity from India has similar values and cultures. This is one of the reasons why students from India feel very comfortable being in the country.

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